The shared economy is more popular than ever, and coworking spaces are no exception.

Except a coworking space, the right one, looks more like an accelerator than just another place to work. When we started OnePiece, there were questions flying around the room, like: What do startups really want/need? What kind of a culture makes these companies super successful but also fun to work at? How can we design a space that empowers these innovators?

We are your salesperson, your secretary, your beta tester, your recruiter, your advisor. However, this is not the most important role we want to play. We want to be the storyteller of your incredible success. John Donne said, “No man is an island.” Meaning you don’t have to go at it alone, because starting a business is difficult enough. You should know we practice what we preach. Connecting our startups to capital, leveraging our impressive network for exclusive media coverage, providing expert feedback on product design.

Yes, we have 2 beautiful and unique locations in the heart of the tech capital of the world. But we’ve found that the people make the place. Come experience what it’s like to be a part of our exclusive network.

OnePiece’s Philosophy

  1. Make it playful: Play makes it safe to think differently.
  2. Draw: It helps you visualize ideas.
  3. Think like a designer : Ask ‘what if?’ questions.
  4. Define your values : You can’t decide things by saying, ‘because I like it.’ You need to understand what you believe in.
  5. Make people dance after lunch. Then they won't fall asleep.