Discussing The Rise of SaaS With Industry Leaders


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With the rapid expansion of the cloud computing market in recent years, the number of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies has been rising significantly.

SaaS is a software delivery model that allows access to data from any device through an internet connection and web browser. Due to its accessibility, SaaS is becoming a mainstream technology today, bringing great convenience to enterprise operations. But, what impact does SaaS have on business and global ventures? What opportunities and challenges will the SaaS industry face in the future?

To answer these questions, OnePiece Connect SF invited experts, executives, entrepreneurs and senior investors from Tencent Cloud, Zoom, and DNX Ventures to “The Rise of SaaS”. This discussion-based event was designed to open a dynamic conversation about the striking global growth of the SaaS industry.

Davy Wang, Chief Solutions Architect of Tencent Cloud International, introduced the infrastructure and underlying support that Tencent Cloud provides for SaaS enterprises with practical cases. Tencent Cloud's identity management function supports the centralized management of user identity and authentication in enterprises. With SaaS technology, user login and access behavior can also be uniformly monitored, greatly improving the efficiency of IT management while reducing maintenance costs.

As SaaS services become a key part of enterprise-level solutions, SaaS suppliers need to monitor the system as a whole by using Tencent Cloud or other third-party monitoring services. These services offer greater flexibility and speed for a vastly improved customer experience.

In a global market built jointly with SaaS manufacturers, Tencent Cloud can provide strong support while integrating the products of their partners into their own service offerings. This combines the advantages of both sides, creating the high-quality services that customers need while fueling the digital development of international enterprises.

Comparing SaaS Markets Around The Globe

At “The Rise of Saas”, Mila Krivoruchko, the Lead Product Manager of Zoom, analyzed the differences between the SaaS industries in China and the United States. She stated that people no longer need to be in the same space or the same time zone to work together. A single, collaborative team may have a member in China, a member in India, and a member in Silicon Valley.

There’s no limit on space or time for global innovators, which is exemplified by the OnePiece Work community. But, software companies are faced with roadblocks as they try to enter international markets, making it difficult to circulate new innovations in technology. Zoom exists to break these limitations. Krivoruchko’s point rang true throughout our SaaS discussion: The SaaS market in the United States is nearly fully formed. But, in China, it’s a different story. China's SaaS market is still in the early stages. There’s no leading market or large consumer market, which presents a good opportunity for growth.

Pricing Will Guide The Growth of SaaS Companies

SaaS products provide both software and monitoring services, price is one of the key determining factors for enterprises to consider before selecting a company to invest in.

Salil Pradhan said that many SaaS companies even offer 80% preferential price in the first year when they cooperate with enterprises. This is to increase user loyalty and long-term sales. Even if there isn’t a preferential price in the second year, users will almost always still stay with the same provider.

After our discussion at OnePiece Connect SF, it’s clear that SaaS needs to establish reasonable pricing strategies and evaluate it regularly based on the relationship between product value and customer demand. With calculated, up-to-date prices, SaaS companies will have the capacity to soar.

OnePiece Connect: “The Rise of SaaS” event was sponsored by Tencent Cloud.

Tencent Cloud is one of the leading providers of cloud services in China and globally. With extensive China presence, engagement teams around the world, and decades of experience delivering optimal digital engagement to a massive user base, Tencent Cloud offers a powerful solution specifically designed to help companies succeed in China. It is the cloud computing branch of Tencent, Asia’s largest technology company and an industry leader in innovative, digital-based solutions. Tencent’s ecosystem includes some of China’s top social, messaging, mobile payment, gaming, digital literature, music streaming, and video platforms, and serves over a billion users around the world.

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