Fortune 500 Companies Embracing Co-Working Spaces in 2020


By: OnePeice Work

Apple. Facebook. Lime. Microsoft. Samsung. Alibaba. Co-working isn’t just for small businesses and start-ups anymore. Many of the world’s biggest businesses are embracing the popular concept in 2020. 

This isn’t a total disruption of long-held business norms - Fortune 500 companies still have plenty of their own space and facilities. But as co-working spaces continue to spread, its benefits are becoming impossible to ignore. We’ll be seeing some major global businesses adopting the trend this year, and here’s why.

Access to Talent

Co-working spaces attract maverick personalities - big thinkers who eschew the standard 9-5 model and get things done on their own terms. These personalities aren’t drawn to the traditional cubicle experience, and if big companies want to get closer to these innovators, they’ll have to consider co-working space as an option.

Flexibility & Convenience

As technological advances make us more and more untethered from the office, co-working space is a preferred alternative to working from home. Studies show that productivity improves when you’re working side by side with others. In the case of co-working spaces, working among startups and innovators imbues an energy and a mindset that’s extremely valuable. Companies looking to provide flexibility and convenience to their workers are beginning to see this. 

Cost Cutting

Fortune 500 companies got to where they are because they care about the bottom line. Co-working spaces are a wonderful solution for connecting people without having to pay for infrastructure, utilities, and other secondary costs associated with operating an office space.

Casting A Wider Net

Recruiting from diverse geographic locations is possible through co-working spaces. Commuting, relocating, and other hurdles to attracting top talent aren’t an issue when you can set up your team in a co-working space that’s convenient for them. Global brands can even use this strategy to cross borders.

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